Hi, I'm Zack Gilbert(with a k)

just saying, @zackgilbert is the best cofounder a boy could have.

— Paul Jarvis (@pjrvs) April 18, 2016

I help people solve problems, often by building web based software.

One of my first web applications was billQ, a bill reminder system that since 2005 has sent over a million reminders that have helped avoid paying millions of dollars in late fees.

Other software I've recently helped create includes: ofCourseBooks (sold in 2017), WPComplete (a WordPress plugin), Fixtail (MailChimp/Stripe e-commerce integration software).

In recent years I've helped multiple companies, like Highrise, Perfect Audience, Mercaris, Teachery and others, build custom software solutions that help their customers be more successful.

I currently work as a Client Solutions Engineer at Foursquare. I am no longer accepting new clients.